Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers Compensation Law

If you live in Daly City, CA, San Mateo or San Francisco Counties and have suffered a work-related injury or illness, your first step should be reaching out to George P. Surmaitis. Our legal practitioners will meet with you to analyze the intricacies of your unique case. Be sure to document the injury in-depth with your human resources office and take note of any co-workers or others who observed your injury. Even the most subtle details in the aftermath of your injury can shape the outcome of your workers’ compensation claim. It is imperative that you ally with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who sweats all the small stuff. Let us take care of the subtleties like your medical records, establishing a causal relationship to workplace activities, interviewing witnesses and coordinating an independent medical examination (IME) with the proper doctor. This way, you can focus on recuperating from your injury, getting back to work and returning your life to normalcy.

Whether you are a part-time worker, full-time worker or contract employee, your work-related injury has the potential to result in significant compensation. Perhaps you were injured on a factory line, while reaching over for a pen on the office floor or while driving your company’s vehicle. These are only a handful of examples of work-related injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. The rub lies in proving a causal relationship between the injury and your work responsibilities. Oftentimes, the employer or insurance company will go to great lengths to prove that such a causal relationship does not exist. Our attorneys know exactly how to prove that such a relationship is legitimate. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to establish this causal relationship and obtain just compensation for your injury.

George P. Surmaitis will zealously advocate on your behalf to obtain lost income from missed time at work, compensation for medical treatment and compensation for your pain and suffering. Even if the workplace injury was your fault, you should not have to pay for the resulting expenses. The bottom line is that if you are injured while performing work-related activities, you should be compensated. Let us handle the legal details so you can rebuild your health and strive towards an eventual return to the workforce.