California Board of Legal SpecializationGeorge P. Surmaitis is here for injured workers and those in need of social security support. Whether you suffer from a work-related injury or have a debilitating condition that prevents you from working, our law firm can help. We take the time necessary to study the nuances of each client’s unique case to obtain a fair and just result. Do not suffer in silence after you have been injured on the job. If you live or work in Daly City, CA, San Mateo or San Francisco Counties, George P. Surmaitis can help you obtain the compensation and support you deserve.

Workers’ compensation and social security disability claims are extremely complicated matters. Even the smallest detail of your claim can result in a dismissal/disqualification. Do not try to navigate this challenging legal maze on your own. Reach out to our law office, tell us the details of your case and we will get right to work on pursuing justice. This is the legal support you need to get your life back on track following a work-related injury, illness or other disability. Our mission is to help you obtain the medical treatment, indemnity payments and other compensation for your injuries so you can move on with your life in the most comfortable manner possible.